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Purpose-built School Blocks at Topline Schools

The schools are housed in purpose built school blocks containing daycare centre, nursery classrooms, primary school classroom, secondary schools classrooms, library, computer/internet room, sick bay, stores, laboratories, teachers common room, headmistress, principals administrative offices, dormitories, dinning hall and assembly halls.



Boarding Facilities

Hostel accommodations at Topline Schools

There are modern dormitories for boys and girls. The girl's dormitories are fenced out from the boys. In the dormitories are large private rooms for 5 to 6 students per room.

The dormitories are furnished with comfortable beds, mattresses, pillows, wardrobes, private reading desks/chairs and modern bathrooms and toilets.


Computer Laboratory with Internet Connectivity

Computer Lab with internet connectivity

The school has several computer systems for hands on use by pupils and students for practical computer studies. Every child attending Topline Schools must be computer literate.

Topline Schools has Broad Band and Dial up wireless internet access. Every child will have an e-mail address opened for him or her for easy communication with family and friends. Our children will be taught how to use the internet for their studies and research and how to register via internet for external exams such as JAMB, etc and also check for their WAEC, NECO results via internet. However, the children will be closely monitored when using the internet to prevent them from logging into obscene websites.



There are fully functional laboratories for the following subjects:

Topline Schools Science Laboratory








  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Agricultural Science
  • Introductory Technology
  • Home Economics
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Music

There are also workshops for:

  • Wood Work/Masonry
  • Metal Work/Painting
  • Dress Making/Tie & Die


Topline School Library

The school has well equipped libraries stocked with reference books which can be borrowed by pupils and students for short periods to supplement their recommended text books.


The classrooms are fully furnished, well ventilated and lighted. There are decent state of the art toilets and wash rooms for teachers and children. The Daycare Centre has in built toilets and conveniences.

Water and Electricity

The school has public power supply supported by the schools stand by generators. There is a water borehole with ground and overhead tanks to ensure constant water supply for cleaning and sanitation.

School Kitchen/Canteen

The school operates a decent kitchen to prepare snacks and meals for boarders and parents who want their wards to be fed in school. Day students and pupils who do not bring food/snacks in food flasks from home will not be allowed to patronize unauthorized food vendors to avoid their taking unhygienic foods.

Sporting Facilities

Sporting Facilities/Playground

The school has sporting equipment, facilities and playground for Football, Table Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball and Basketball, etc. Playground equipment include swings, slids, merry-go-round, etc.

School Buses

The school has comfortable air-conditioned buses to transport paying children from their homes or designated picking points to school and back. This is for the convenience of parents whose wards come to school from distant locations.


Sick Bay

There is a standard sick-bay with a nurse to provide first aid and care for pupils with minor ailments or injuries.

Please see our detailed school prospectus for details of subjects offered and other information or call us on +234 803 342 5836, +234 803 310 3099.