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Organisation of Topline Schools

National Policy on Education

Topline Schools have been structured in line with the National Policy on Education in mind. The guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Education and the Rivers State Ministry of Education on minimum standards for set up of private schools have been followed.

Teacher/Student Ratio

As a policy Topline Schools maintains a teacher/student ratio of one teacher to 15 to 30 pupils or students. Thus our class size will be 15 to 30 students. This we believe will enable the teachers know their students intimately and be able to attend to their individual handicaps and peculiar needs on a one to one basis.

School Uniforms

All parents/guardians must purchase from the school the recommended school uniforms and school shoes for their children on admission.

School Fees

School fees are paid termly, either before school resumes or latest, by the end of the 1st week after resumption, by cash or crossed cheques to any of the schools bank accounts. Thereafter tellers must be submitted to the school's Accountant or Secretary for confirmation. Parents may also pay by crossed cheque only to the school's Accountant or Secretary. All cheques must be drawn in favour of TOPLINE SCHOOLS LTD.

School Books

The school has specially designed school exercise books and notebooks specially printed with the school's logo and name for quality and uniformity. The school store also stocks all recommended text books and other essentials such as maths set, ruler, pencil, pens, erasers, drawing boards, etc. As a matter of policy the school insists that all parents must purchase from the school the recommended text books, exercise books and other essentials. This is to ensure that all children are fully equipped for the learning process.

Admission Procedure

Parents/Guardians wishing to enroll their children in the school must first obtain the schools prospectus, study the prospectus and if still interested complete the registration forms and submit to the school together with registration fees. Thereafter the parent will be given details of other enrolment and admission requirements depending on the level of the school the ward is applying to. Students for admission to JSS 1 to SSS 2 will undergo entrance examination before admission. Same also applies to primary 2 to 5.

School Time Table

All sections of the school resume officially at 7.30am. However, parents may drop their children at school anytime from 7.00am. Closing time varies according to school section.

Daycare Centre – Parents to collect their babies anytime from 1pm to 3.00pm
Pre – Nursery & Nursery 1.30pm
Primary School - 3.00pm on Mondays to Thursdays. 2pm on Fridays.
Secondary School – 3.30pm on Mondays to Thursdays. 2pm on Fridays

Academic Staff

Topline Schools has highly qualified and experienced teaching staff. For Nursery and Primary Schools their minimum qualification is NCE while teaching staff for Junior and Senior Secondary Schools have B.Ed., BSc., B.Eng., BA.

Please see our detailed school prospectus for details of subjects offered and other information or call us on +234 803 342 5836, +234 803 310 3099.