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Importance of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is being aware of what you are experiencing at the moment through your thoughts and emotions. It’s being able to notice our surroundings, where we are, and what we are doing without overreacting or being judgmental about the situation at hand.

Mindfulness is a natural ability humans possess. Though when practiced often, it’s more readily available to us.

Scientific research proves that training your mind to be mindful remodels the physical structure of one’s brain. Practicing mindfulness helps in thinking about a situation before reacting to it.

How to Practice Mindfulness

  1. Create time- you need to set a particular time and space for this practice.
  2. Be aware of the moment- focus entirely on what is happening at that particular time and accept it without judgment.
  3. Allow your thoughts to cross your mind- take note of your thoughts without any reactions involved.
  4. Return yourself to the present moment- when you get carried away by your passing thoughts, remember to come back to your present.
  5. Be kind to yourself- don’t be hard and judgmental to yourself no matter what you may be thinking about.

This practice may not be easy at first, but you will eventually get better at it with lots of training.

Reasons for Practicing Mindfulness

  • Reduces stress- practicing it is a remedy for reducing stress through awakening our inner control of the mental, physical and emotional process.
  • It promotes creativity- whether it’s in writing or drawing, one needs to be mindful and meditate on the practice.
  • Trains one’s body to thrive- Athletes use this practice to focus fully on training for an excellent performance. While exercising, a person needs to be mindful of what they want to achieve for their bodies and health goals.
  • Boosts high concentration levels- by practicing mindfulness, you achieve a high level of paying attention and become fully aware of what is happening at present.


Having a calm mind allows you to enjoy life peacefully. According to Topline schools, even a 60-second meditation challenge when you are stressed out will relieve your nerves and make the body relax. The best thing about mindfulness is that you can do it anywhere and anytime.