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How to Teach Your Children Meditation

For many, meditation is a great way to overcome all life's challenges. It helps us avoid stress and develop a positive outlook on life. As a parent, you would like to share this excellent procedure with your kids. This means teaching them how to practice meditation. Training your child to practice mindfulness can be challenging, especially if you don't know where to start. Luckily, the experts at Topline Schools have shared these tips to help you teach your children meditation. 

Use the Smell and Tell Technique
A straightforward way to teach your kids meditation at home is by using the smell and tell technique. All you have to do is pass anything with a fragrant to your child. A piece of flavored cake, perfume, flower, or drink will do. Ask your child to close their eyes and focus on the scent. 

Show Them How to Relax 
Meditation is all about relaxing and focusing on the present. As such, it is essential to teach your kids how to relax. One effective technique that can help them relax is the squish and relax method. You have to request them to lay down and squeeze their muscles from the toes to the torso. After that, ask them to release and relax. 

Use the Power of Touch 
The art of touch can be an effective meditation technique. That's why you should teach your kids how to leverage its power. Ask the child to close their eyes and pass an object to them. Let them touch it and describe the object. You can even switch things up by trying to distract them. This will teach them how to remain focused. 

Ask them to Listen to Their Heartbeat
Another way of teaching mindfulness is asking your child to pay attention to their heartbeat for a few minutes. After that, tell them to describe the heartbeat and anything else they have discovered about their body.

Final Thoughts
Teaching your kids how to practice mindfulness can make a world of difference. It teaches them how to control their body, mind, and soul. The tools shared above will help your child get started with mindfulness. 

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