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Consideration Factors for Best International Schools in Thailand

Looking for a new school for your child is a challenging task. Nevertheless, every parent won’t stop until they get the best option that guarantees an excellent education for their children.

Here are a few factors to consider when searching for the best international schools in Thailand.

What is their stance on character development?

The primary reason for going to any school is an academic improvement. That said, the school also diversify their lessons to avoid the monotony of classwork. Ideally, the learning institution should teach life skills to their students to produce an all-rounded individual. Having life skills gives your children an edge over other job hunters during interviews. Also, it makes them prepared for any ups and downs that may transpire in their lives.  

The Teaching Method

Most government schools still use outdated teaching methods that focus heavily on memorization.  On h contrary, international schools employ techniques that foster innovation and creativity, as well as creative thinking and assertiveness.

When looking for an international school, assess their teaching techniques to see whether it inspires learning and creativity. For example, students should be allowed freely express their thoughts, even if they contradict with those of the teacher. 

Does the School Teach Empathy and Understanding?

Understanding that people perceive things differently is an invaluable skill to your child. Sometimes, people may not agree with our point of view. Being considerate of others’ enables your kids to become persuade them quickly, as well as become great leaders in the future. 

Empathy is also crucial to your child’s personal development. Being thoughtful of the circumstances other people are experiencing is critical to becoming a better human being. In addition to cultivating character, empathy also allows your children to learn how to live among people from different backgrounds.

Do they offer extra-curricular activities?

As mentioned above, learning is not all about academics.  A right school should ensure that students participate in other activities such as sports, drama, and music, and so on. This gives them a break from academics and improves their health through the physical activities they carry out. 

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