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The Benefits of Sending Your Child to an International School

Over the past few years, the popularity of International schools in Thailand has risen sharply, thanks to the full support of the Thai government and the high standards of education maintained by a number of private International schools.

Here are a few of the main reasons why the majority of parents in Thailand prefer sending their kids to an International school:

Better Quality of Education

One of the main reasons a lot of parents send their kids to study in an International school in Bangkok is that they know these schools do not ever compromise on the quality of education. These schools hire most prominent teaching faculty; follow either the British or American curriculum, offer state-of-the-art, modern teaching facilities, and also focus on extracurricular activities to ensure that the students are well-groomed in all the disciplines of life.

Bright Future

With the increase in competition in almost every walk of life, most of the parents in Thailand are worried about the future prospects of their children. In order to ensure that their children get a place at a prestigious university and secure a better job when they are done with their studies, most parents in Thailand prefer to send their kids to International school from an early age.

Global Perspective

By sending their kids to an International school parents give them an opportunity to study with students from different cultures, this allows them to understand different cultures in a better way. In addition to focusing on education alone, international schools develop a child's growing mentality. By the time the students reach their senior classes, they will have a better understanding and knowledge about the world around them.


Most of the international schools in Thailand teach in English, however, students are also given the opportunity to learn other languages of the world; this makes them very competitive in the job market. Most of the international firms these days prefer to hire employees with multilingual skills, sending your child to an international school in Thailand can help your child find a better job in this extremely competitive job market.

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